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Q: How can I differentiate KSpiercing.com and KSfactoryShop.com?
A: While KSFactoryShop.com has been engineered to answer the needs of independent body jewelry shops or individuals KSPiercing.com was created to answer the needs of larger customers. Essentially, you could assume that KSFactoryShop.com while being a bit more expensive is also a lot more reactive and vows to bring your goods to you within a week of payment confirmation. This said, unlike KSFactory.com, KSPiercing.com is not limited to stock sales. As a matter of fact, KSPiercing.com never sells on stock. It takes longer to deliver but, ensures you to have the lowest prices, at all times, for any and all orders above 500 USD and with a minimum of 10 pieces per style and colors that you order.

Q: Where can we physically meet you guys? I mean, I like to know who I’m buying from so, how can I visit you?
A: That is quite understandable and, truth be told, we do prefer knowing our customers, our partners as we like to call them here. We do invite you guys to contact your favorite sales representative and to book a meeting with us either in our Khaosan shop (area of Bangkok, Thailand) or here in the Head Quarter & Factory in Nonthaburi (suburbs of Bangkok, Thailand). To help you locate both places please find below the detailed maps and addresses :

- KS Piercing Factory and Shop:

๐     55/1-4 Moo 7 Bangkruay-Sai-Noi Rd., Nonthaburi 11130 Thailand
๐     Tel.: +66.2.883.6020
๐     Fax: +66.2.883.6199
๐     E-Mail: info@kspiering.com
๐     MAP

Q: How can I access to preferred prices? What are the rules and exceptions?
A: We, at KS, reward our customers’ Loyalty by allowing them to gain yearly amazing discount levels once they reached them. Once a discount, always a discount! Buy on sales from KSPiercing.com all day long, all year long. The aim for you, dear customers, is to reach the different levels with one or more of your orders. For example, if any one of your orders reaches a total amount on invoice (before shipping charges may be applied) of $3000 US you, and the institution you represent will  gain a 15% discount for the whole year. However, and in order to reach the next level, you will need to reach a total amount on order (non-cumulative, the discount barriers are unlocked upon reaching it with any unique order you place)of $5000 US and so on until the maximum level of 25% Discount for a total on invoice of $7500 US and more. Please see below the discount scale:

     ๐     For any single order of $1500 US and above, receive 10% Discount for life on KS Wholesale price lists
     ๐     For any single order of $3000 US and above, receive 15% Discount for life on KS Wholesale price lists
     ๐     For any single order of $5000 US and above, receive 20% Discount for life on KS Wholesale price lists
     ๐     For any single order of $7500 US and above, receive 25% Discount for life on KS Wholesale price lists
     ๐     Please contact our staff for Industrial size orders.

Q: How long will I have to wait before receiving the goods I ordered from KS Piercing?
A: From the moment we received and confirmed the payment of the deposit and confirmed that the order information was correct, you can expect your order to be delivered in no more than 6-8 weeks.

Q: I recived some defected items what are your returns policies?
KS accepts returns on defected merchandise, goods will exchange or credited. At our own discretion, if returned within 90 days from the date of shipment.

Q: What type of material is available and/or are you using to make your Jewelry and Body Jewelry?
A: While most of our items are proposed in either one of our three collections (Surgical Stainless Steel 316L, 925 Silver or Silver/ Gold plated on brass) we occasionally also propose PTFE and Titanium for the intrusive parts as well as for the motives. We take all the necessary measures to ensure the safety of our customers and pay extra attention to the hypoallergenic properties of all material used by KS. These measures ensure that we are, and remain, compliant to all relative European and International Health and Safety measures in effect in our trade.

Q: How are you going to ship my goods, which shipping service are you planning on using? What about the Packaging?
A: We normally ship with recognizable and traceable couriers such as DHL or UPS. Although we would rather not, we may also, if requested by the customer, use Fed Ex.
Concerning the packaging, while we offer you a variety of individual boxes and other type of support for the products you ordered (see options in the catalog) for a minimal fee, we also ensure that your shipment is sealed in brand new boxes to make sure that your order is delivered in top conditions.

Q: How can I pay for my orders and when do I pay for my orders?
A: We offer you a few payment options such as Paypal, Payment by credit card (VISA & MasterCard), or Bank Transfer which to use is for you to choose but remember that charge may apply and you should check with your bank to avoid surprises. Alternatively you can contact us to get more information about the charges that may apply to the payment method you selected. This is especially important to know since you will have to first place a deposit of 30-40% of the total amount on invoice to confirm the order and pay the remaining balance prior to receiving the goods.

Q: I really like your designs but I’d love to tweak them a bit so that they fit my customers better. Is that possible? If yes, could you please explain me how to do it?
A: Yes we do Designs on Demand. Whether you want a fully custom made item/collection or tweak existing ones here and there our design team will be happy to support your requests however simple or complex they may be. You do however need to remember that each and every item you request to be tweaked will require a mold to be made which costs $250 US to be refunded as soon as you reach $1000 US order of that particular model made. 

Q: I’m not very good at graphic design and in all honesty I don’t have time for this. Do you have any support planned for your customers in terms of Graphic Materials?
A: We understand that your business is that of selling Body Piercing and Jewelry and really can’t be bothered with taking professional pictures of your items or go around town to find a proper model to advertise them. That is why we, at KS, have decided to provide you with the pictures, so long as they are connected to your order, we use in the catalog and in the web site. You just need to ask and we’ll prepare the data for you. We are also glad to provide you with any posters we ourselves use as promotional material. Finally, last but not least, we offer you the possibility to customize the display material you purchase from us with your logo as well as the information from your company!

Q: Every time I come to your website I see new stuff, just how many times a month do you update it?
A: KS is very proud of its design capacity and, without false modesty, I strongly believe we are amongst the most reactive, design-wise, in the market. We release an average of 4 collections per Months for ourselves, on top of the products we develop for our customers (see above for more information concerning Design on Demand options). So yes, make sure you visit us often or register to our Newsletter to remain at the vanguard of the Body Piercing and Jewelry Industry! There of course no problem should you decide to do both, register to the newsletter and regularly visiting the page ;)