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Materials & Certificate

925 Silver
Silver 925 is also called “sterling silver” which contains 92.5% pure silver plus 7.5% of other alloy – usually copper.
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Nickel Relese Lead, Cadmium and Silver 925 Analyze (Silver Content)

Brass is alloy combining with copper and zinc, sometimes including small amounts of other metals, but usually 67% copper and 33% zinc. We use brass material plated with silver, gold, rose and other plating colors.
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Nickel Relese Lead and Cadmium tests

316L Surgical Stainless Steel
Surgical stainless steel is a special type of stainless steel which is one of the most popular materials for piercing industry as well as in medical applications. Grade 316L is one of the only acceptable grades of stainless steel for body piercing.
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Nickel Relese Lead and Cadmium tests

Titanium, Grade 23
Titanium is a very strong metal. It is stronger than Steel however lighter in weight .
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Titanium Analyze

PTFE is a kind of nontoxic plastic material that commonly use in Piercing industry, it is also known as medical plastic. the material is biocompatible and very flexible.

We use high quality gems, where we have many colors and combination for each design. For some items we use Cubic Zircon as well.
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Certificate of Preciosa
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